Pamela Rief: Your Structural Health Expert™

My mission is to eliminate preventable physical pain and suffering, enabling as many people as possible to avoid and overcome “chronic” physical challenges. I have researched, seen, and felt that using our bodies as nature intended gives us all a better life.

I feel immense gratitude that my experience and three decades of biomedical education has allowed me to translate science into helping people to heal themselves and stay on the thrilling path of natural function. Some of my students have called it “their fountain of youth”. It’s been mine too.


I’m happiest when I help others achieve the body they’ve wanted, and when I know I’m reversing the musculoskeletal dysfunction epidemic.


My determination stems from my personal story, and intensifies when I see adults and children unwittingly inflict wear and tear on their bodies. I know they’re sabotaging their physical future. So far, I’ve significantly improved the physical abilities, comfort, and confidence of hundreds of people, and I want to do the same for you!

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My Story: Physically Younger with Age

I help people like you discover the healing power of natural body usage–to stop wasting your time, money, and hope, like I did. I’ve overcome many physical ailments of my own.


It’s hard to for people to believe that I was born multiple defects of my spine and pelvis. Everyone thinks I’m far younger than my age. But I didn’t always look or feel youthful.


As a kid, I assumed everyone hurt when they walked because I did. I thought stress urinary incontinence was normal. By age 23, my physical challenges were at times debilitating. I tried nearly every traditional and alternative quick fix and lengthy treatment to overcome repetitive physical injury, chronic pain, and poor function.


My many doctors were ignorant of the missing link: my poor posture and movement kept adding to the growing list of diagnoses. Even well-intentioned practitioners hurt me with misinformation. At best each treatment gave me a few hours or a few days of improvement. I was at the point where the only solutions offered to me were spine surgery and daily opioid therapy. And I was told I would need hip replacements every 15 or so years for the rest of my life. This launched my vast search for solutions and I was able to avoid all of the back and hip surgeries.


I studied first-hand with preeminent scholars globally, and combined this intense study with thousands of scientific publications to transform my body completely. This enabled me to grow 1.5 inches in my 30’s, correct my pronounced slump (kyphosis) and scoliosis, reverse poor pelvic floor function, and became more athletic in my 40’s than I had ever been in my childhood. I’m eager to do the same for you and as many others as possible.

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Selected Credentials

As an epidemiologist, I apply hard science to the design of educational programs to reverse preventable suffering for large populations. I have endeavored to share my ongoing research to help people feel truly good when they work and move. Apart from my teaching, here is a snapshot of my academic and professional accomplishments:


  • Masters of Science, Epidemiology (Stanford U. School of Medicine; trained at Stanford Prevention Research Center)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Fellow
  • Bachelors of Science, with Honors, Biochemistry (S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook; Valedictorian)
  • Stony Brook Honors College graduate (Specialty Area: Mathematics)
  • 1 of 3 people in U.S. certified by L’Institut Supérieur d’Aplomb of Paris, France, under the brilliant anthropologist, Dr. Noëlle Perez-Christiaens (the first Western student of B.K.S. Iyengar, who has since 1959 worked tirelessly to characterize the biomechanics and ergonomics of healthy populations)
  • Numerous presentations to academic leaders, including at the Mayo Clinic, Harvard U., Northwestern U., Stanford U.
  • 1 of the first 10 women in science and medicine featured for PBS’s Makers, Women who Make America