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Here’s my commitment to each of you

Everything I pass on to you is the highest quality information, backed by science and decoded for you.

Tell me any activity you want to do with top performance and continued comfort. I’ll help you turn it into a therapeutic activity that you do well, feeling good.

You’ll experience rapid, measurable changes in how you feel, function, and look.

Knowing exactly how to maximize your comfort and safe body use in all of your of your activities, you’ll stay injury-free at work and play.


Your SᴇᴛUᴘSᴛʀᴏɴɢ® education will give you great physical freedom in your day-to-day life.

Even after you’ve completed your SetUpStrong® training, your body will continue to get noticeably better through the years.


What People Are Saying About SᴇᴛUᴘSᴛʀᴏɴɢ®

C.B.; Google Massage TherapistC.B.; Google Massage Therapist

Pam's genius is her vision of where you can be posturally, her ability to assess with radar-like accuracy the deviation and apply her guidance in carefully measured steps that are easy to follow for correction. After 8 sessions I can say my glutes are really firing, my feet are stronger and engaged more fully in the gait, I sit correctly with more frequency and feel better overall. I made improvements that no yoga class, chiro visit or exercise physiologist was able to accomplish. Pamela is vivacious, keenly observant, and her method cuts to the chase to get results where other approaches fall short.

Dr. Kathryn Gill, MDDr. Kathryn Gill, MD

Pamela…helps clients replace poor habits with more physiologic habits, optimize mobility, and reduce tension and pain. Pamela has keen observational skills that she applies to improve the skeletal and muscle function of her clients—including my patients and myself. I find her to be an excellent teacher with incredible compassion and a sincere interest in each of her client’s progress and overall well-being. Pamela often has some surprising answers that can significantly help your patients who have chronic issues.

Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, MD PhDDr. Geoffrey Rutledge, MD PhD

I've been astonished at [Pamela's] abilities to figure out an individual's underlying habits...which cause a wide variety of physical problems. She has a remarkable ability to work with people of all ages to affect long-lasting change in their functional status (e.g., improved balance, pelvic floor rehabilitation), reduced pain levels, and safety from injury in activity.